LMP1-dettaglio-WEB LMP1-fronte-WEB LMP1-retro-WEB
LMP1-dettaglio-WEB LMP1-fronte-WEB LMP1-retro-WEB


A particular mallet  with a unique design  which underlines the forging knowledge of Gimar. This is a putter for players who do not require a guided alignment but rely on feeling for a solid touch, a pleasant sound, a well balanced weight and an elegant shape to look at.




Weight g: 353
Material: U360 forged steel
Finish: black PVD
Lie°: 1.5/3
Loft°: 3
Bounce°: 1.5
Head cover: Gimar, black
Designed for: RH only
Grip and shaft: as suggested by club fitter or Pro