About Us

At home where others only talk about: in the world of real forging

We do not want to be a designer of golf clubs like so many others.
Our background is in forging technologies and physical metallurgy.
Gimar Golf is a division of Forging Technologies, a specialized company serving the forging and metalforming industries around the globe.

We are studying processes for the production of the most sophisticated forged components in steel and super-alloys.
Our team has a long established industrial experience in forging and metalforming industry at worldwide level.
Not at last, we have been advisors of some of the most reputed producers of golf equipment.

Considering our background, we often have to smile when observing how the concept of  "forging" and its related definitions and applications is mostly misused in the golf industry.
We neither pretend to re-invent club design nor to re-define how metallurgy responds to specific applications.

What we want to do is to apply our knowledge in metalforming and its related material  technology as well as our background in mechanical engineering for producing the best performing iron heads.
We want to bring to the world of golf the same passion for perfection, exclusivity and Swissness with which we have created our engineering reputation around the globe.

Professionals and low handicappers who tested our equipment confirmed a playability, distance and feeling with our products which they never experienced before.