Our irons and wedges are the result of a long tradition in the study of the highest levels of forgeability and related aspects of physical metallurgy.

The forging process for these irons was designed in order to guarantee perfect properties equally distributed on every section of the iron head. Such properties assure an unprecedented performance, a very particular feel as well as a pleasant sound of impact.

Every club head is single piece forged. There are no welds or any other operation which normally negatively affects the essential structural characteristics of a near net shape forging.

We are committed to extend our passion for metal forming and our tradition for precision to the putter’s world too. It is not possible to reinvent history, but with modern technology we can reach optimized geometrical characteristics as well as metallurgical properties.

A professionally fitted putter with the main parameters corresponding to the golfer playing characteritics is a must for a game improvement at every level.