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nrb3d-dettaglio retroNRB3D-sito-ok


High tech for stability, precision and power
Some producers design driving irons simply by squeezing together a chunk of metal, reaching a club with more bulk compared to a standard iron. Others use inserts of any special alloy, hoping to maximise springlike effects. Remaining true to our concept of metallurgical purity and forged integrity, we have designed a driving iron head with unique characteristics. In fact, the mechanical properties of the ultra thin fully forged working face assures a unique transmission of power. The dynamically calculated supporting frame guarantees stability for power shots, as well as a high degree of forgiveness for off center hits.
Depending on player’s swing speed, wanted trajectory and distance, the head can be adjusted to the typical configuration of a 2 or 3 iron. Our driving iron is the most modern and performing version of the legendary iron 1 of the past. But instead of being the most difficult club to play, it boosts confidence, control and the highest level of accuracy. Like hybrids, they can be played off the tee, on fairways and from the rough, but with greater level of efficiency and control.





Material: Forgitech U360
Process: near net shape forged TMT
Finish: satin chrome
Designed for: RH only
Handicap Index: 0-15
Recommended shaft flex: as suggested by club fitter or Pro
Recommended shaft weight: 40 - 70 g