No foam but technology

Foam is generally used in engineering to damp vibrations. Since our knowledge in forging and materials technology allows us to produce a stable, precision forged and vibration free frame, we do not need any foam or similar products to compensate for a questionable construction. We could therefore design a new head with a calculated vacuum chamber between the forged frame, with typical Gimar properties and a forged working face of a ultra high strength steel. The thin face, not in contact with any damping substance, is generating full power at impact for an important increase of ball speed. This design creates a new pure and unique head, developed for distance and controlled flight, without losing the typical feeling and forgiveness of a Gimar iron.





Material: frame Forgitech U360; face Forgitech M 560 H
Process: near net shape forged TMT
Finish: satin chrome
Designed for: RH only
Handicap Index: pro level to 25
Recommended shaft flex: as suggested by club fitter or Pro
Recommended shaft weight: 60 - 100 g


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Black, Bright Copper, Rustic Copper, Silver


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